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Professional Power cord Manufacturer

Address:Floor 3, Bldg.B,Haoye Joint Stock Company Logistics Park, Xixiang Street,Baoan Dist,Shenzhen,Guangdong,

 The "people-oriented, talent" is the company with the purpose of cultivating and developing company personnel, for all staff to provide a good space for development and platform;
All the staff for the continuous progress and development of the cause of Xin Chun source efforts, shared responsibility, efforts and sweat, mind share success and honor;
Companies rely on all staff in line with the pursuit of the career development rapidly, and high-quality management team, sophisticated equipment and perfect customer service service to make our enterprises continuously improve the position in the industry and customers in a good image, to do contribution to the development of China electronics industry, to lay the foundation for China the protective film industry in the international status.


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